All i need in this life of sin, is me and my 3ds.

I dont know why, but ive been playing the HELL out of my 3ds. I own several consoles. Wii u, ps2, super nintendo and others. But money has been tight so ive had to liquidate alot of my actual gaming collection. In short, the consoles stayed, but the games went. Except for my 3ds. When it came time to pay bills, i… »6/27/13 11:38am6/27/13 11:38am

The world ends with you (or how i learned to stop worrying and play the game)

So my awesome brother let me borrow a few game for my 3ds since im house bound of late and ive been chipping away at them. Ocarina of time,never played it before and its pretty great. Kingdom hearts 3d, which is fun but im kind of forcing myself through it. Maybe its just not my thing? Final fantasy 3, which ill get… »6/27/13 12:54am6/27/13 12:54am